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  • Server Data Interworking Notice

    Thank you for your support to Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War! To provide a better gaming experience and improve the game, we will do the Server Data Interworking to Android Server 341-356, and IOS Server 271-286 at 23:00 AM, Jan.2nd, 2021 PDT. The maintenance will last for about 2 hours. Please refer to the official notification for more news.

    Interworking Time:
    23:00 AM, Jan.2nd, 2020 PDT

    Interworking Range:

    Android Server : 341-372
    IOS Server: 271-302

    Interworking Rules:
    1. All data, statuses, items, and diamonds will not be changed.
    2. All Guild statuses(Include members, requests) will not be changed.
    3. Data such as Friend list info will not be changed.
    4. All emails will not be changed.
    5. After the interworking, the original server number will be added after a player’s name and an organization name if there is the same name from other servers. For example, if there are two organizations named Tokyo Ghoul, then the name of the server 2 organization will be changed to Tokyo Ghoul.S2. The players who were added a server number in the name could receive a Name Change Card after the maintenance.

    Q: Which server should I choose to log in after the server Data Interworking?
    A: The same as before.

    Q: Can I change the name of the organization name?
    A: Currently it could not be changed.

    Q: What about the progress of events like Consecutive Sign-in and Cumulative Login?
    A: Unaffected.

    A: What happens to the different rankings after interworking, like that of Arena, Death Match, and Feeding Ground Battle?
    A: Players from other servers will be inserted into the ranking list accordingly. E.g. After interworking, the top 3 players would be the No.1 players of Server A, Server B, and Server C respectively, and the list goes on.

    Q: What about players or organization with the same name?
    A: If an organization or a player from the chosen server happens to have the same name as another organization or player from the target server, the name of the organization or player from the chosen server will be added the suffix "_Sx" (x = original server ID). The player will also be given a Name Change Card. However, the name of an organization cannot be changed.

    Q: If a player has an account in Server 1, Server 2, and Server 3 respectively, how would interworking affect this player?
    A: Unaffected, as server entrances remain unchanged. The only possible problem is that he might have 3 accounts of the same name, in which case 2 of the accounts will be dealt with the method(regarding players with the same name) mentioned above.

    Should you encounter any problem after the interworking, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Our Discord:
    Our Facebook:
    Our Forum:
    Tokyo Ghoul Dark War
    Operation Team
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