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the game is out of date

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  • the game is out of date

    The game is outdated and requires updates.
    1) Why in the feat shop and squadron shop not sell lv. 7 Enhancer?
    2) Why in the feat shop not sell flagship reform material B ?
    3) Why not make a boss for European players?
    4) When will it be possible to put more ships on the flagship? Currently only 16 ships are used, but 24 ships are available. 8 stand unnecessarily.
    5)What about a faction war? We have a 7-week winning streak, but we cannot get a reward (server 5)
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    First of all this game is not out of date and is pretty new. There will be updates to the feat shop and squad shop, there will be updates for reform material B, instead of making a boss for European players it would be better to increase the frequency of when the boss (Borg Invasion) shows up like is done for STAD so it does not disadvantage those in Europe, why do you need more ships on the flagship? 16 is still a good number, there is a faction war, and that is a server related issue that you did not get a reward on Server 5, File a ticket about it. Thanks.


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      And still need to think about updates. About 90 level could still be used to think, but cross-server battle has long been needed. Bored...


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        L80 was just opened up a few months ago. .,. and i doubt many are L80 yet. S1 has yet to have a L80 player. Ill go ahead and say in a few days someone will be L80 on S1. (just because i know him/her ).
        As for cross server battle. STAD did not have that in the first year or two I believe. the game is not a year old yet. Maybe wait and see what the 1 yr anniv gives us.

        There is a section in the ticket area of support to suggest anything you may have to offer for the Dev team to consider. Devs dont usually look at the forums. Devs (programmers) do what they are told to ,so any changes to game play are made as a corporate decision as to what and when to release any new,or make changes any current content.


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          Server S1 stalled) on server S5 there is already level 80)


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            Probably the thing that is most needed is to have reasonable drop rates.
            Without reasonable drop rates, people get bored, and leave the servers.

            For example, the drop rate for level 1 materials is somewhere close to 25%, so with 40 sweeps, you can get 10 of the materials needed for an upgrade.
            Then you do another 40 to get the other material, and after 80 sweeps, you have 1 ship with 1/4 of the possible upgrades.
            By contrast, level 3 materials are close to 40 sweeps per piece dropped. That means it takes levels to get 1 of the 4 upgraded for a single ship.

            Personally, I think it would have been better if they had dropped 1 per sweep, and then simply doubled the number needed as you go up.
            At least that way you could know you're making progress, instead of spending 20k vitality and not getting a single piece, and knowing things are only going to get worse.

            Another way to do it is to calculate how much it takes to do 4 ships to the next level, and then make it so it takes 10 levels to get there.
            This would be a balance of sorts, but currently things are way out of balance:

            You can't get a single ship to purple by level 50.
            You can't get enough debris to get 3rd flagship to 3 stars to unlock 4th by level 50, but it is supposedly available as of level 44.
            You have a building that requires about 2.7 million dilithium to upgrade at level 46, but storage doesn't hold half enough when maxed at level 48.

            Those are just a few of the issues.

            If this isn't the place to post suggestions for game improvements, then why when a ticket is submitted for a suggestion are players directed to post here instead?

            EDIT: It should also be noted that at the start, when there are 30+ in each faction, there are only 5 neutral dilithium colonies to be looted.
            1-1, 1-3, 1-4, 1-6 and 1-8 each have one, but you have 100+ people competing to loot them.
            This bottle neck at the start coincides with having a short week to reach the feats max for the week.
            As a result, the opening days are extremely hostile, with bases being looted and seized every time the CD timer runs down.
            By the time players reach level 45, things have calmed down greatly, but most of the player base has quit.
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              We spend our money wisely on S1, no one is in a hurry to complete L80 then, complain there is no more content
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                Here is where you can send your thoughts and ideas.........Click image for larger version

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                  The game is still very new, and has in fact progressed with new levels a lot faster than STAD did. As for cross server events, that wasn't introduced in STAD instantly either, it took almost a year from the first servers opening, and the game had well over 100 servers by the time cross server events were introduced on more than just testing servers. Low drop rates is a way to keep the game from being "too easy" even though I agree it can be very annoying at times when you try to get enough of a certain piece to upgrade something.
                  Number of ships per flag is what it is, you just have to be strategic when setting your fleets up and pick the ships that benefits you the most, just like in STAD where we can only use a total of 8 different ships (if having a reserve fleet) and there are countless of ships that you can acquire. You just have to pick and choose what to use where.

                  As for the reforms, the game is still new, so maybe those things will come in a later patch, or it could be like for lvl 6 reforms in STAD- you have to buy them or save from event give away to reform something past Relic.

                  Borg invasion is at stupid o'clock for a lot of people, for now not much to do about it other than stay up, set an alarm or miss out due to work or sleep depending on where you are in the world. Time will tell if it will change any as there are so many events throughout the day as it is so it's difficult to fit it in more than once, and then there's the issue with how much advantage some people would get if there wasn't a limit on how much you can attack. The latter can however be argued as some get an advantage due to location vs other players anyways.