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Why do you still play.

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  • Why do you still play.

    As the title says, why do you still play this game.

    I have been playing for around 3 months and paid for 2 months but no more because:-

    It freezes all the time.

    After the first half hour of play when you have done all the things to do the game basicly become loot planets rinse and repeat till boredom sets in.

    Cruise missions are not missions, go here pick this up, woops you failed 5 times in a row to get a random reward that needs delivering. I have hundreds of 100% repair things that i never need.

    The debris mission drop way too many gold keys, again random rewards really fail.

    The dungeon drop rate is a joke and so is the sector clash. To use over 280k of vitality and get 40 lvl 3 components is ridiculous, yes you get officer xp but the components are needed more I think.

    Unlock an area and its planets and maybe get 1 affiliate ship debris. Also again randomly get affiliate ship debris from the ship wheel. If i pay for an interstellar chip i expect to get what i need not what the game randomly gives me.

    No way to get flagship debris other than unlocking areas and if you are lucky you get them randomly from debris fields, takes way too long to star up flagships. Should be a way to buy them with latinum at a high cost.

    Virtual battle where you don't stand a chance against higher level players.

    The big problem is everything you really need being randomly given, why waist money on a game that might give you what you need if you are lucky.

    Yes this is a rant i suppose and i will keep playing for a little while longer till i am totally bored. This is the first random reward game i have ever put money into but i will not spend another penny on this game.

    Ps can't even do the borg thing as it runs at 3 am where i live.

    Also no way to delete things from the bag for instance i have 23 flagship material c components, 262 lvl 1 slot enhancers. I have all 4 flagships so no further use, again got from a random generated gold boxes, also loads of part blueprints that will never be used.
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    I didn't still play and so I leave star trek game for 2 months because I have played much time and I am bored with this game. But the starting of the game was very interesting. I played 4-5 mission.

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      I still play the game because I like it. One thing bothers me though is the way it is set up to lvl up I have been stuck on lvl 77 for quiet some time now. The game needs more ways to lvl up than clearing new realms.


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        You can sweep normal dungeons to gain experience and level up that way.
        Side quests are the 2nd way.
        There are also other ways.


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          I'm playing the Witcher 3 right now.
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