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  • IGN: Smiley
    Server: S1/CBT

    Bug(s) I found: Current Skills section (left part of screen when opening star function, skills tab) shows which skill is currently equipped. There is a bug with the equipped support skills, it shows on the left in the current skills section that the support skill is level 0, even though in the skill tree it has been levelled higher.

    Also "Defense type" skill heading (on the right) has a typo, it is suppose to be "Defence type". (c not s)

    Steps to recreate this bug:
    1. Unlock either "Attack type" or "Defence type" part of the skill tree
    2. Upgrade a skill as well as a support skill (boost skill for main skill).
    3. Upgrade the support skill/boost skill
    4. Note the level of the support skill in the tree, and note the level of this skill under the current skill panel on the left - it will differ.

    In my case, I'm a Magic Mage, who has unlocked Attack type skill. I upgraded the main skill Critical Splash and the support skill Critical Boost.
    The support skill (Critical Boost) has been upgraded to level 2 (as can be seen in the screenshots). However, the current skills show that Critical Boost is supposedly level 0 and only giving level 0 benefits instead of level 2.

    Screenshots of the bug:
    Attached Files


    • Friendly request

      Please go through this entire thread once CBT is finished. Many bug reports does not have a mod reply and may have been overlooked. (This senario was seen by someone earlier who posted about a bug, but didn't receive an editted post reply, a couple of pages later, another player reported the same thing and then that post got a "recorded" reply - showing that the previous post that didn't have a mod reply about the same issue was actually overlooked/missed).

      Also, I advise a coding developer to actually go through these posts, just for this thread, not just a forum moderator. Sometimes what a moderator doesn't deem important/don't see as a bug, might be something the dev has more insight on and realise that there is actually a problem beyond the visual eye, and in the code/logic of the game.

      Thank you very much for CBT and the chance to have helped fish out bugs ^^ I had lots of fun and look forward the OBT and the real release. Good luck with your bug-fixes, refinement and last amount of finalisations.