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First Poster Helpful Tips for beginners! [GAME STRATEGY]

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  • First Poster Helpful Tips for beginners! [GAME STRATEGY]

    Server: S1
    Character Name: Lazy

    So when I started playing this game at first thing I wanted to know is how to get ahead of everyone else as fast as possible. (I'm no where the highest leveled person but I'm close as stated today). I'm currently level 51 and just a little bit of stamina left lol okay enough with the introduction time to get into some tips

    Tip 1: Always do your daily's no matter what. Not only do they grant huge exp per one you do. They also go towards leveling up your commander level as shown here its located right under your level bar at the top left corner of your screen it will say feats.
    You can upgrade feats by doing your daily's so very important to do your daily every day.

    2. For tip number to focus on normal story trying to get 3 stars on every level. Everytime you complete x amount of story with getting x amount of stars per story chapter you unlock the chest as seen here
    This will grant you more times to summon to upgrade your characters and progressing further while also leveling up. (Did I mention leveling up is important up to at least 44).
    3. Raid rolling which is by far the best way to obtain gear into leveling up your characters defense and attack. I wish I can raid roll more but you have x amount of raid rolls per day. So let's say you get a 3 star on a hard story chapter. You can then raid roll that hard mode story up to 3 times (if you have enough raid rolls to do so).
    It's very helpful to do since you acquire gear to level all the characters you're using. Do it as much as possible. Primarily use your raid rolls for hard story chapter clears that way you're getting more bang for your buck.

    4. If you ever run out of stamina and your trying to do everything you can in this game.

    Try Expedition
    This requires no stamina and it helps you level out your odm gear. You get 30 coins per clear. So just go to the store and buy something when you hit 300 to 500 coins.
    Go as far as possible and when you can't go any longer reset the thing.
    You get 1 reset per day so use it wisely.

    Hopefully these tips help
    Sincerely Lazy
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    Good Job !


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      I love this game.its based on my favorite anime and i love the fact that you can create your own character.i wish however when they added the final battle to the game that your created character could have taken place in the battle as well.i mean did our character even die at the end ?i hope not . I hope they're just waiting to bring our chareters back in a new installment.


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        This is my favorite game. we can create cracking the coding interview pdf 8th edition characters that added to an advantage. waiting for new installment that brings our characters back. I
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