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Android Version 1.1.8 Update on Sep. 27th

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  • Android Version 1.1.8 Update on Sep. 27th

    Dear Soldiers,

    We will carry out maintenance on Sep. 27th 01:30 PDT 2019, and will last approximately 3 hours, during this time game servers will be down and be updated to version 1.1.8 for Android Servers.

    The maintenance will be delayed or completed in advance. After the update, if your client is lower than V 1.1.8, you will not be able to log into the game. So please update to the latest version in time. We apologize for the inconveniences and thank you for your patience.

    1.New Survival Challenge Gameplay
    1) Modified the map exploration and item rewards.
    2) Removed the daily exploration restriction, allowing players to challenge as many times as they want.
    3) During a game, players can receive scores in various ways and will be rewarded after completing missions.
    4) A match season lasts a week. After each season, players will be ranked based on their score ranking. Players on the top of the ranking can claim rich ranking rewards.
    2.The Expedition system unlocks different shops according to the number of floors players challenge. The more floors challenged, the higher the chance that higher level items will appear in the shop.
    3.Adjusted the challenge rules of the Colossal Titan. Each Daily Colossal Titan will have a random weakness. The character that restrains the weakness will cause higher damage to the Titan to increase the daily total damage reward.
    4.Reworked some character skills to make each character's role clearer and more practical.
    5.Optimized the difficulty level for some stages.
    6.Added new blueprints for Epic Relics, which can be obtained in the Expedition Store.
    7.Improved the kind and quality of items dropped in Boss and Elite stages of normal instances.
    8.Unlocked new difficulty levels for Daily Instances.
    9.When players create new characters, they will receive a Novice Pack. Premium rewards are available after players reaching the required level.
    10.Added new SSR characters to the normal card pool.
    11.Increased the card level limit to Lv.100, since R and SR Cards consumed Shards.
    12.Fixed the bugs reported before.

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