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Farewell My Friends, May We Meet Agian

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  • Farewell My Friends, May We Meet Agian

    SUP its ya boy here Riosuke The Dragon Master. The time has come, after making friends and rivals(amaterasu, kayto(he gave up tho) the time has come to say goodbye. Many of us will be going our separate ways being from different time zones so lets not forget our roots when them cross server events come so i can beat all your asses again XD. missed 170k gold and spent about 90k tranna get this gay ass tank erza (FML gamesamba youz a hoe for that) and still manage to steall the 3rd ranking before game ended without being a faggit who just stacks bickslow XD GG losers good luck doing that in real game since nobody will have the money. ANYWAY, i just wanna say love yall and A+ cuz my 60k hibiki was beating the shit out of yall bickslows XD farewell my fellow mages.

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    Here Sanji Bye


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      Byee (Sorien btw)


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        *activates Satan Soul*

        You shouldn't really claim stuffs like that since ppl above you and way stronger than you didn't play nor bragged about this the last few days like me. I can see so much pride and ego here that I can't help but to reply. If I were to brag, okay let me try for once since most of the top people in CBT do it except me. I was 2 days late when CBT started, my first char was a fail. I wasn't able to claim 10k gold sometimes. Mind you that it's 3:00AM it is for me to claim. I can't always wake up having 2 careers in real life. I was gone since October 3. But hey, I am not calculating all my losses. But in fact, I caught up and got the rank 1. I was heavily shocked that way simply because I shouldn't be able to.

        There I bragged. It doesn't feel right for me. Idk how do you guys feel about bragging in CBT. Sounds like few kids to me.

        P.S. I heavily dislike rude and egoistic people (most of the top 10 are) (:
        PPS. You never won against me ever since I got higher than u.
        PPPS. Sorry if i got triggered. I barely see humble people from the community

        Learn from this and put in more work and less talk.

        - Alina
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          Gay ass game. Not playin OPT if nothing is changed inside out. (Just the camera view would be nice, then i might forgive for havin other shitty function). Good luck guys.