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  • Loading loop


    I have this issue that everytime i try to battle someone or something from arena to normal quest i get stuck at the loading it kinda behave as a loading loop.

    My browser is google chrome and i followed all the instructions from their part and this issue just seem to be that i get only from this game that my flash player is blocked.

    I have tried doing this followed things

    1.Updating flash player
    2. reinstalled Google Chrome
    3. tried to unblock but still shows blocked.
    4. reinstalled Flash player.

    Please help me out

    here is a image how it looks like

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    How about you play on other browsers like FireFox and IE


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      i have the same problems cant fight or my screens get stuck and need a refresh and with next fight stuck again etc. i was on microsoft edge browser then i tried IE wich was fine but now same problems. i cleared cache but no change. can play other browsers games but this browser game seems the only1 i have problems with. all is up to date its a new comp good specs. i tried Firefox but it was as laggy as i was on IE. im out of ideas